(That’s me all the way on the left with some of my fellow Colchester kindness ninjas!)

Hi there! My name is Michelle Noehren and I started the Colchester is Kind Facebook group in August of 2016. After living here for a year-and-a-half I really wanted to meet other people in town and feel a stronger sense of community. So I decided to create a hyper-local kindness group to combine my love of random acts of kindness with my love of community building. And thus the Facebook group was born!

The vast majority of our communication happens on our beloved Facebook group so make sure to join us. We plan in person events to do things like make kindness bookmarks for the library, cards for children at CCMC, kindness rocks for our various rock gardens and so much more! Many of our members post great information such as the top five items needed by the Food Bank and how to donate clothes to the Community Closet (which was started by one of our members!). Plus we are BIG lovers of kindness quotes!

The only rules we have for our Facebook group are (1) no business advertising and (2) keep it kind. We would LOVE for you to be part of our kindness movement. ♥

If you’re looking to reach me you can email colchesteriskind@outlook.com. Happy kindness spreading!