Joyful Ornament Project

Colchester is Kind is very excited to be collaborating with the awesome team at Colchester Parks and Recreation on something very special: the Joyful Ornament Project!

Starting December 5th, residents are invited to bring an ornament decorated with a kind message/word and place it on a live tree inside the gazebo on the Colchester green.

With how challenging 2020 has been, this is a fun way to spread a little joy. If you decorate two ornaments, you can take an ornament from the tree home with you.

Even though a Christmas tree symbolizes Christmas, this activity is for everyone whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or do not practice a religion. It’s truly just about bringing the community together to spread positivity during a hard time.

How to Decorate an Ornament:

It’s pretty simple! You can find plastic ornaments online or at your favorite craft store. Please do not use breakable ornaments. Find yourself some oil-based paint pens and add your favorite kind word or phrase directly on the ornament. You can also use sharpies but the words/decorations will stay better in the outdoor elements if you use a paint pen. If you find clear ornaments that open, you can even put glitter or other fun stuff inside!

We hope you will join in the fun and spread a little extra joy this holiday season.

Published by Michelle Noehren


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