Joyful Ornament Project

Colchester is Kind is very excited to be collaborating with the awesome team at Colchester Parks and Recreation on something very special: the Joyful Ornament Project! Starting December 5th, residents are invited to bring an ornament decorated with a kind message/word and place it on a live tree inside the gazebo on the Colchester green.Continue reading “Joyful Ornament Project”

Orienting Your Life Towards Kindness

Author: Michelle Noehren Every single day I think about how I can make life better for others. I strive to have positive interactions with everyone I encounter, even those who are upset or angry. I believe in my heart that life is meant to be lived in service to others, and I let that guideContinue reading “Orienting Your Life Towards Kindness”

2020 Colchester Kindness Ninja Contest

Join your friends from Colchester is Kind for our very first Kindness Ninja Contest! The Colchester Kindness Ninja Contest will take place from February 11 – 18th (Random Acts of Kindness Week). The contest is open to all ages. Each person must register individually (parents can register children). An email address *must* be provided becauseContinue reading “2020 Colchester Kindness Ninja Contest”

Period Kits for Youth

Lots of teens worry about getting their periods at school. Some younger teens, even pre-teens, may experience their very first period while in class, away from home. To help alleviate period-related stress for teens in the Colchester community, Colchester is Kind has organized Project Period. Through donations from community members, Colchester is Kind creates periodContinue reading “Period Kits for Youth”